Your latest Opus Compliance Cloud upgrades 

We regularly update our Opus Compliance Cloud software to improve its performance. In the past few months, that’s meant upgrades to key features and system enhancements to boost accuracy, speed and ease of use. 

Here’s a roll call of recent improvements and what they mean for you: 


  • Incident Report page added and accessible via the Task Reports page, providing a summary and breakdown of site incidents. 


  • Major speed improvements made across the system. 
  • New Enforcement Officer Visit report added to all sites.
  • Injury Incident Form now asks whether the injured party is over 18, helping with stats and document retention.
  • ‘Causation’ now an output field on the Incident Form. 
  • Site Snapshot result page improved, now showing 'due from' and 'overdue at' columns. 
  • Next task appears on the Asset/Site QR scanned page without scrolling down. 
  • An improved 'Belongs to' function makes it easier to move assets to other sites.
  • Within Role Requirements, clicking on the training/eLearning /checklist shows all staff with that requirement – and if it’s completed or not.
  • Site Snapshot moved to its own page for added speed, rather than reloading on the Site Manage Overview page.
  • Numbers on Site Snapshot now lead to a new page that filters courses and other information. (Currently in Beta.)


  • Major database changes to allow for future functionality.
  • Ability to create a site checklist QR code in system.
  • Ability to add new non-role-required training templates.
  • Better display of sites and hierarchy from parent sites.
  • Task Labels now have links to prevalence reports via a chart icon. 
  • Employee checklists can now be added per role.
  • Checklist submission history now shows direct links to any actions raised.
  • Ability to make a report against an employee (currently via 'all tasks' on employee view). Uses the 'Something Else' template.
  • Validation added to prevent date typos.
  • Warning put in place when adding role-required training.
  • Task severity change now logged with the user in the task comments.


  • Ability to change severity of tasks.


  • Large file support now added, mainly for video files to be watched in system.
  • Progress bar added for large file uploads.

Stay up to speed

If you’re an Opus Compliance Cloud user, you can check out what’s new on the platform at any time. Head to the System Updates section of our Knowledge Base for a list of recent improvements. 

Not using Opus Compliance Cloud yet? 

Opus Compliance Cloud is our fully integrated cloud-based H&S management software. The platform provides a central online hub for all safety documentation, data and tasks, helping you connect, automate and streamline day-to-day compliance requirements. 

It also helps you intelligently plan your safety strategy with an overview of compliance performance across your entire business. Opus Compliance Cloud allows you to: 

  • Manage all H&S activities in a central online hub. 
  • Access current policies, data, and documentation, 24/7. 
  • Capture and act on safety events in real time. 
  • Easily report near misses, hazards, and incidents. 
  • Track actions and prioritise urgent critical events, so nothing gets overlooked.
  • Create a culture where everyone feels they can contribute.
  • Fill knowledge gaps with engaging e-learning modules. 

To learn more about saving time and money with online compliance management, talk to your Opus consultant on 0330 043 4015 or email