Unlocking Team Potential: How to Engage Employees

Engaging employees is a very important part of a successful business. Having an engaged workforce can make a huge difference in productivity and ultimately leads to the business being as successful as it can be. So, what do you need to do as an employer to ensure you have a motivated and engaged workforce? 

What is employee engagement? 

Employee engagement isn’t just whether an employee knows what their job is and whether they like it or not. It goes much deeper than this and is also about whether the employee is motivated in their role and is committed to the business and the success of the business. Do your employees know the Company’s mission and vision? Are they committed and driven to grow the business and succeed with the business? 

Ways to improve employee engagement


Communication is key. Being clear and transparent with your employees can help increase employee engagement. Your employees want to know what is happening with the business and if they feel that they have a say in the business, it will increase their commitment and motivation. Having an honest and transparent culture can increase overall motivation and employee engagement. Regular feedback is also an effective method to reduce waste and to engage your workforce. Managers should hold regular 1-1’s with their employees to ensure issues are resolved when they happen. A committed workforce is a motivated workforce. 

Ask for feedback:

Do you complete employee engagement surveys for your employees? Do you ask them for their opinion? It is beneficial for both employee and employer to ask for feedback. Employees can be honest about their views and employers can take what their opinions are on board. It may only take small changes that don’t cost the earth to have an engaged workforce. 


Are some employees not engaged due to not having the appropriate training for the role? Maybe they are frustrated as they want to do well, but they haven’t been trained effectively. Invest in your people and they will invest in your business.  


Having a great onboarding programme can help you engage employees from the offset. The induction should include the Company’s mission and vision statement which will show the employee where the Company is striving to be and allow them to visualise how they will contribute to the success of the Company. 

In summary, having engaged employees leads to a motivated workforce which in turn can lead to business success. There are small changes that businesses can make such as offering an employee engagement survey to gain their input, or offering additional training which can lead to employees being more engaged. If you would like further support or information on employee engagement, please speak to our friendly HR team on 0330 043 4015 or visit our website.