Transforming Workplace Health with Spirometry Testing

An area often overlooked, however of equal importance to physical and visible hazards, is lung health and risks associated with respiratory health. With the wide range of industries where employees encounter various different respiratory hazards, even where some may not realise, spirometry testing is a crucial tool for protecting employees and promoting lung health in the workplace.

Lung health is a foundational aspect of overall health. Working in environments with exposure to hazards such as dusts, fumes, and gases can cause various health issues, with occupational asthma accounting for around 17% of all cases of asthma in adults according to the Centre for Disease Control (CDC). As well as asthma, exposure to airborne pollutants and hazards can be linked to diseases such as COPD. Conditions of the lungs such as these can cause real risk and harm to an individual's health, as well as risk the safety and efficiency of the workplace and those around them.

Spirometry testing allows employers and employees an insight into the lung health of the individual and recognise signs of respiratory disease early through potential irregularities in results. Through this level of testing, employers are given the opportunity to implement preventative measures in work processes or PPE to allow employees to continue working in a safe and efficient environment. By giving employees an insight into their individual results and, it allows them to gain a better understanding of their own health and take proactive steps to protect themselves and get the correct medical attention if required to ensure a healthy and sustainable work life.

Spirometry testing involves measuring an employee's lung capacity and air flow, which are both crucial indicators for lung function levels and being proactive in recognising any occupational lung disease or damage. By testing this annually, it allows regular checks on maintaining a safe and efficient workplace and allows employers to have the peace of mind that their current enforced PPE is effective, and if it is not the proactive steps can be taken to return to full compliance.

As well as the individual health benefits, spirometry testing also allows employers to ensure full legal compliance, with regulations often requiring regular respiratory health evaluations. By conducting this testing alongside with the regulatory guidelines it allows full transparency on legal compliance, minimising absenteeism, and reiterates the employers commitment to their employees health and wellbeing.

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