Scaling up safety – when to consider additional compliance support

As your business grows, your health and safety hurdles change. Working with a single trusted partner helps you scale your safety programme consistently, using the same proven methodologies to tackle new challenges and maintain a strong safety culture.  

But where do you start? Here’s a rundown of essential stops on your health and safety journey.

Gap analysis

Gap analysis provides the answers you need to understand your existing health and safety programme and make the changes necessary to be fully compliant as you expand.

An expert spends time onsite to survey operations, pinpoint hazards and chat to staff about your current safety approach. You then receive a summary of your safety priorities and financially-sound recommendations to achieve compliance.

Occupational health support

Occupational health services safeguard your team’s long-term physical and mental health. Specialist consultancy, testing and surveillance across key areas like hearing, lung and musculoskeletal health allow you to treat and prevent job-related illness and injuries – and keep your workforce reliably fit and well.

Large-scale safety solutions

Working board-to-board with an experienced health and safety specialist builds compliance into your business plan. An expert advisor will support on strategy, success metrics and KPIs to ensure your safety solutions deliver measurable results. They’ll also act on data to design and implement cost-effective improvement programmes that reduce risk company wide.

Questions about staying compliant as you grow? Ask an Opus Safety specialist

With new expertise on board, we’re better placed to support a broader range of health and safety needs. Chat with the Opus team about your current and future compliance goals on 0330 043 4015 or email