Recent prosecutions - employee killed by reversing vehicle

In May 2022, a goat farming company was fined £180,000 for safety offences after an employee was killed by a reversing vehicle. The prosecution underlines the importance of workplace transport compliance in every industry – from agriculture to the merchant sector.

On 1 August 2018, an employee of Yorkshire Dairy Goats was struck by a reversing telescopic materials handler vehicle (telehandler) while working on a farm in York. Despite being air-lifted to Hull Royal Infirmary, the 53-year-old woman died of her injuries later that day.

An HSE investigation revealed that, after finishing her shift, the woman walked through a corridor and into the path of the reversing vehicle. The driver was unable to see the worker and could not prevent the accident. 

The company pleaded guilty to breaching Section 2 (1) of the Health & Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 and received a £180,000 fine, plus £20,000 in costs. 

Opus insights
Avoiding vehicle incidents in your builders merchant 

A high proportion of onsite traffic accidents are caused by reversing vehicles, but it’s possible to minimise risks with simple safety controls. 

  • Assess where vehicles reverse on your site and evaluate if it is necessary. Consider if a one-way system could eliminate the need. 
  • If reversing is unavoidable, check that you have suitable controls in place. These might include reversing alarms, flashing lights and motion sensors that signal hazards to drivers and pedestrians. 
  • If you have routes that step into traffic movement – for example, from a shop into the warehouse – ensure you have suitable signage and barriers in place. 
  • Consider using trained signallers (or banksmen) to guide drivers. 
  • Minimise the interaction between pedestrians and vehicles wherever possible. 
  • Ask visiting drivers to report to reception for an overview of your site layout. 
  • Ensure your drivers do not operate forklift trucks with their vision obscured. 

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