Navigating the Work Christmas Party Circuit: HR Insights for a Festive and Inclusive Celebration

Tis the season to be jolly so they say! 

It’s December (I know, can you believe it!) and it’s the season for parties, alcohol and lots of fun. However, as much as it’s the festive season, you need to be aware of your duty of care as an employer and to establish the rules and expectations of your employees. 

Whilst you don’t want to be a ‘party pooper’, as an employer you have to ensure the health and wellbeing of your employees are put first.  You don’t want to find yourself with a potential disciplinary case on the Monday morning! 

As a business, you should have a drugs and alcohol policy for your employees at work. We understand that the policy isn’t only relevant at Christmas time, however we do know that it will likely be a topic due to business Christmas parties. 

So, what to do if your employees get a little bit merry? You should make them aware of the Company's drug and alcohol policy if they haven’t already seen it. Serious breaches of the policy can lead to disciplinary action being taken and depending on the situation, may potentially be gross misconduct. 

If you are having Christmas parties at a venue, you need to remember that your employees are representing your Company whilst there. We are not saying to not have a good time, but any inappropriate behaviour can have a lasting impact on your Company’s reputation.

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