Company fined over £900,000 following crushing fatality

A Leicestershire business received a £900,000 fine and £12,405 in costs after an LGV driver was crushed to death while moving a scissor lift. 

The accident occurred while the worker used the scissor lift to clear an access path for machinery to be loaded onto his lorry. The lift’s controls were inverted, meaning the load moved towards the operator and pinned him against the scissor lift. 

A Health and Safety Executive (HSE) investigation revealed his employer had not adequately considered the risks of operating machinery using moveable controls. It was also found that the company had not provided suitable oversight and management during the loading process on the morning of the accident. 

The HSE inspector said: ‘This was a tragic incident and a stark reminder to businesses to be thorough in their risk assessment. The situation which led to [the worker’s] death would not have arisen had appropriate control measures been in place.’

Reduce crushing risks across your business 

Lorry loaders – particularly those with powered tilting (or swing-up) stabilisers – present significant safety risks for your staff. Since 2019, at least three people have died in accidents involving stabilisers being retracted in a horizontal position, crushing operators against the vehicle’s bodywork.

Our latest blog explains the potential hazards of rotating stabilisers and provides HSE-approved guidelines to protect your operatives. You’ll get expert advice on:  

  • Understanding the risks of powered tilting stabilisers  
  • Discussing safety modifications with your manufacturer 
  • Assessing your risks and implementing controls 
  • Training your team on safe stabiliser operation 

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