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Health & Safety

DSEAR risk assessments

Dangerous substances are standard in most working environments. We help you minimise hazards and avoid on-the-job accidents.

Start-to-finish support

You receive an easy-to-understand summary of all onsite hazardous substances, plus specialist guidance on safe storage, handling and use.

A clear catalogue of risk

You receive an easy-to-understand summary of all onsite hazardous substances, plus specialist guidance on safe storage, handling and use.

Expertly manage your hazardous materials risks

Our DSEAR risk assessments locate potential problems and keep you in control of dangerous substances.

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Personalised follow-up

After your audit, you get a complete DSEAR management and training plan to tackle hazards and fill workforce knowledge gaps.

Health & Safety

DSEAR risk assessments

The first step to DSEAR compliance is detecting onsite dangers. Our services help you spot hazards, navigate legal requirements and actively protect your staff and site.

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Locate DSEAR hazards

Our comprehensive checks diagnose potentially explosive atmospheres and eliminate ignition sources.

Boost skills and adapt processes

We refine working practices to reduce DSEAR risks and train staff to recognise and act on hazards.

Responsibly control risks

Our consultants help you implement control measures, such as ventilation systems, fire safety equipment and PPE.

Prepare for emergency action

You receive a clear, comprehensive crisis plan and expert guidance on incident reporting.

compliance Advice

Simple steps to DSEAR compliance

Dangerous substances cover everything from common solvents and paints to specialist machining dusts and flammable gases. Under the Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations 2002 (DSEAR), you're responsible for controlling safety risks from fire, explosions and corrosives.

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Identify Dangerous Substances

Recognize all hazardous materials like solvents and flammable gases in your workplace.

Assessing Explosion Risks

Evaluate risks of explosive atmospheres and implement suitable control measures.

DSEAR Compliance Responsibility

You're accountable for managing fire, explosion, and corrosive risks under DSEAR.

Controlling Fire Hazards

Implement strategies to manage and reduce the risk of fires from dangerous substances.

Minimizing Explosion Threats

Adopt measures to lessen the likelihood and impact of explosions.

Handling Corrosive Materials

Ensure safe management of corrosives to prevent workplace injuries.

Regular Risk Evaluations

Conduct frequent assessments to maintain safety from hazardous substances.

Training and Awareness

Provide thorough training to staff on handling and safety precautions for dangerous substances.

the opus approach

Why Testing is Important

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Learn more about our services

Schedule an informal chat with an Opus consultant to learn how we can improve employee health and safety across your business.

Your partner in compliance

'John and his team provide top-quality health and safety advice with practical support. Through wide industry experience, John delivers an integrated service that links with the needs of the client.'

Health and safety consultancy

Opus Safety Partnership

Everything you need for a safer workplace – in one end-to-end service. A customised compliance programme. Ongoing support. And a dedicated H&S expert, whenever you need them.

Business risk analysis

Pinpoint compliance issues and map out improvement measures.

Full site audit
Hazard profiling
Solutions planning

Policies and processes

Review, upgrade and standardise safety documents and procedures.

Tailored risk assessments
Staff handbooks and policies
Safe systems of work

Work-saving software

Action key H&S data and deliverables with one intuitive tool.

Cloud-based hub for all staff
Tasks, training and reporting
24/7 access on any device

Strategic guidance

Maintain excellence with practical help and long-term risk prevention.

One-to-one support
Regular contact
Forward-looking advice
audits and assessments

Secure, compliant and 100% confident

Our employee training programmes and one-off risk assessments, surveys and audits deliver peace of mind for your people – and a safer way forward for you.

Operate on the right side of regulations

Avoid penalties and exceed your legal requirements with expert-led risk assessments, audits and surveys that go beyond the bare minimum.

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